Workshop of Art-Creation and fine cutlery 12190 Estaing / 12210 Laguiole / 12330 St.Geniez d'Olt Tél/Fax:(33)


Craftsman cutler Christophe Lacaze, manufacturer of knives in Laguiole, Estaing and St geniez of olt. Creative Atisan has Laguiole in Aveyron, has Laguiole in Aubrac. Artisanal cutlery of top-of-the-range Laguiole knifes manufactured in our workshops of laguiole. Arises forged engraved with the graver of engraver and entirely to the hand, we take a care very particular to the choice of the handles and its veining: olive-tree, genévrier, boxwood, ebony, passing fancy, wood of stag, horn, bones, ivory of mammoth, give lustre to, scale... etc, like with steels of our blades in sandwick 12C27, steel XC75, crude steel of forging mill or forged Damas steel, Laguiole forging mill. With the couteliery of Laguiole we also manufacture regional knives like Aurillac, Yssingeaux, St.Martin, Roquefort, the barrel, Corsican vendetta. We carry out also training courses individual for the realization of a Laguiole knife or régional at the day or on many days with or without lodging as well as the repair of old knives, replacement of blade or the handle, the maintenance of your knives, scissors sharpening and polishing. We wish you a pleasant visit on our Laguiole-Aveyron website with sale on line of all our knives or accessories with several choices of transport or entirely protected payment with majorities credit cards.